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Too many people think climate change is some abstract problem of the future. But it’s affecting the lives of millions, right now. So we’re building a collection of first-hand accounts from all over the world. A self-help book for us all. At the time we need it most. This November, world leaders meet to present new climate commitments. The stories we share can spark the big, urgent actions we need. The book and audiobook are available for free download in November 2022.

Droughts in Madagascar are claiming lives; IFRC responds
Simon George
Forest fires in Germany create new challenges for Red Cross mountain rescuers
Activist with Fridays For Future Philippines shares her motivation behind mobilizing others
A cold wave in Spain is the driving force behind building resilient communities
Community member in Palau who lost his home in Typhoon Surigae
Flooding in Niger is claiming lives
16 year old volunteer in Kyrgyzstan on the benefits of forecast based financing
Resident in Cox’s Bazar camp settlement & community volunteer takes an environmental approach
Seeing the Italian Red Cross respond to extreme weather conditions motivated him to volunteer
Witnessing the effects of the climate crisis as a wildlife volunteer led her to become an activist
Volunteer with Red Cross of Serbia and Mountain Rescue Service
Greta Thunberg
Once a normal school kid, now a globally recognized climate activist
After climate displacement Aroe becomes a climate activist
Red Cross in Jamaica making communities more resilient against the climate crisis
Extreme weather is becoming more frequent in Switzerland
Cyclones in Tuvalu force this Red Cross volunteer to prepare her family for what's to come
Joan and Clare
Climate activists take action to secure future for all girls
Why this Fridays For Future member in Italy became a climate activist
An indigenous woman living in the north of Argentina loses her home and livelihood to flooding
Droughts in Rwanda are drying up drinking water supply
Mangroves that used to protect this island in the Maldives from flooding are gone

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